About me


Michael is self-taught photographer located in Western Australia.  He learnt photography from reading and experimentation.

The majority of his works shows the night sky.  He continues to test and experiment to improve the field of landscape astrophotography.  He has a focus on helping with the accessibility of photography and astrophotography by sharing knowledge with blogging and running workshops.  Michael also photographs a variety of other subjects including portraiture and commercial work.

He received the international Photo Nightscape award 2015, Western Australia Astrofest 2014, honourable mentions Astrofest 2014 and 2016 and accepted for exhibitions 2015 and 2017.  Honourable mention David Malin awards 2014 and other awards.  He has been asked by photography magazines to write articles on astrophotography.  His work is shown in numerous books, newspapers and magazines.  Michael has been in multiple exhibitions including a solo exhibition.

Michael now runs photography workshops, photographs landscape, astrophotography, aerial, 360 photosphere and tours, portraits, events and commercial work and creates time-lapses.









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