Astrophotography trip back to Lake Dumbleyung with my older brother who was visiting.

Arriving to site was quite a surprise because the water level had actually increased, probably due to storms over the past few weeks.  The trees that I shot on the image – Alone in the Dark – were now further into the lake.  It was good that we brought gumboots and were able to traverse around the lake without too much of an issue.  There were swarms of mosquitoes around – I don’t think we could have put on much more bug repellant.


While on site – I ran a number of test images based on a shoot list that I had – including shooting with a Nikon d5100 with 18-55mm lens on a tripod (not a tracking mount).  It will take awhile for me to get through to all of them, especially since I’ve been pretty busy.

Conditions got rather windy and since the tripod/s were in the lake and in mud, made it rather challenging.

Zodiacal light refers to the bright triangle of light reaching up into the sky before sunrise or past sunset.  It is sun reflecting off dust particles in the inner solar system.  Apparently best seen in Spring/Autumn before dawn and after dusk.  I think we saw it for maybe 10 minutes or so that it was comfortably imageable.

Here’s more information about it over at:

A description of the scene – my older brother with his Nikon D810 is off to the right imaging the milky way on a travel tripod (hence the extended centre column).  The water was a bit choppy due to the wind so the 25s exposures flattened the water.  The sky colour is a bit bluish due to it being a bit post dusk.  However a bit more reddish to the right as that’s closer to the population centre and light pollution source Dumbleyung.  In the distance the afterglow of the sunset due to the exposure and also light pollution on the horizon from distant towns – To the right is Wagin and I believe the one to the left is Katanning.

_MG_9638 Panorama2-Edit