Timelapses are movies made up hundreds and sometimes thousands of photos to create a video representing accelerated time and can be visually stunning and can be combined with other video as part of telling a story.

What is suitable for timelapse?

It’s suitable when there is something with slow motion such as:

  • Clouds
  • Food preparation
  • Construction
  • People walking

Where doesn’t it work so well is with fast moving subjects or where there is no motion.  For example, the ocean on a cloudless sunny day has no motion in the sky, the tide hitting the beach can have some effect but often looks a bit chaotic.

How long does it take? 

Each project depends on the subject, speed and time required for both capture and end result.  For example, a 5-hour astrophotography timelapse with one camera may only result in 20s of timelapse.  Construction depends on what focus you want, the workers in action or the structure.