Virtual Tours


A virtual tour are photos (photospheres) that are put together that you can visit the location on the computer or smart phone and view around the location.

Is a virtual tour suitable for me?

  • Does your business have a physical location?
  • Would it be beneficial to be able to show the business location? for example
    • Accommodation, hospitality, event venues, some retail stores (it won’t update if you change shelving layout) where it will be a timesaver to view the location before either making a visit for personal viewing the location or booking.
    • If you’re a hard to find business, then a virtual tour will be able to show landmarks around you to confirm how to get there (usually loaded onto google maps and move around).
    • If the construction/development of the surrounding area is new.
    • If you need to showcase the progress of a location development.
  • It may assist with proof of the existence of the business

Other considerations

  • There isn’t any proof that a virtual tour will affect your Google rankings.
  • How many photos are needed for a location?  I’m an advocate of less is better – it keeps the cost down and makes it less confusing to wander around a location unless you specifically need more virtual photos.
  • Generally we will blur out peoples faces and car license plates if it’s going onto Google Maps unless you specifically want people’s faces to be seen in which case the appropriate consents will need to be obtained.

What Options are available?

  • Single locations – where you may only need to showcase the one or several locations
  • Interconnected locations – depending on the imaging needs can take multiple photos and they are connected by links to allow you to virtually walk through the location
  • Clickable tour – single locations with links that you can click on for more information

Virtual tours can be on google maps (I am a google trusted photographer) or as a html files that are integrated into the webpage.

How is it done?

I use a Digital SLR camera with a lens and take multiple photos and put the photo together using computer software.  This provides for the highest quality images for virtual tours however, is a bit slower to take the photos and process.  I do have a dedicated 360 camera that can be used for previewing the location to show what the result may look like.