We run a number of workshop types that are sometimes combined to :

  • Astrophotography workshop
  • Astrophotography on-site workshop
  • Post processing workshop

Astrophotography Workshop

2 hour session with powerpoint and equipment showing:

  • How to find the Milky Way Core
  • Equipment
  • Settings
  • Panoramas
  • Star Trails
  • Timelapses

Astrophotography On-Site Workshop

Nothing quite like being under a dark sky and seeing the stars.  As photographers pressing the shutter button and seeing beyond what the eyes can see.  This workshop is on-site in a location dark enough to image the Milky Way.

  • Participants need to make their own way to the location
  • Participants need to bring their own camera (and preferably tripod)
  • Expect moderately late nights so should dress appropriately and be aware of physical limitations
  • Abridged version of the Astrophotography workshop as there isn’t any projector equipment.
  • Availability of experienced astrophotographer/s for practical guidance
  • Use of tracking mounts
  • Normally limited in numbers

Post Processing Workshop 

Putting the photos into the digital darkroom is an important step in astrophotography.  It’s here that you apply the creative vision.  In this workshop learn how to process landscape astrophotography images and how I apply my own creative vision.

  • Focus on Lightroom and Photoshop for primary photo editing the way I process images
  • Noise control with software
  • Star Minimisation
  • Timelapses and video
  • Panoramas
  • Building 360 photospheres
  • Star trails